Philippe Model Paris: The news and trends of the Spring Summer 2021 Collection

When the topic is fashionable shoes and the avant-garde in the world of footwear, both for men and women, Philippe Model Paris cannot be missing. The brand, now very famous and appreciated all over the world, focuses on the creation of everyday shoes, suitable for every occasion and look, with an essential level of quality, thanks to the careful choice of materials and craftsmanship resulting from decades of experience in sector.

The famous Philippe Model brand was born from the union between the creative genius of the French designer of the same name and the centennial culture of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Collected the creative legacy of the latter, the brand focuses on innovation and research of materials to establish itself in the field of footwear with elegant, modern and qualitatively unsurpassed sneakers. Having become part of the international elite by right, also thanks to global growth operations together with the Italian investment group Benetton, Philippe Model opens up to partnerships with the most appreciated designers in the sector and inaugurates prestigious showcases in the most important capitals of the world, arriving to establish itself as the undisputed leader in the luxury footwear sector for men and women.

The modern and dynamic lifestyle, traditional expression of the brand, is at the center of the design of each shoe, to offer elegant footwear, of unsurpassed quality, which at the same time are versatile and perfectly suited to the hectic and fluctuating rhythms of everyday life.



The selection for the new season revolves around the concepts close to spring, a moment of awakening and rebirth, of interaction with nature and its elements, fully celebrated in the Awakening – Awakening campaign. This new beginning is the creative spark that unites the new Philippe Model proposals, the rediscovery of the warmth of the sun and the breeze of the wind, is evoked by the stylistic and chromatic choices of the new models, which in an intertwining of refined textures and bright colors, make each PM model the right shoe for any occasion. However, nature is not only an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the brand, but also the environment that must be protected, with all our strength; for this reason, Philippe Model has created a new eco-sustainable model: Lyon. This low environmental impact sneakers, whose markedly sporty aesthetic is strongly inspired by the world of basketball, is made in collaboration with the Italian brand ACBC using almost exclusively animal-free, recycled and bio-based materials.

The union of experience, tradition and craftsmanship blends with the modernity of shapes and materials, for a new concept of sneakers, a shoe as simple as it is elegant, whose unconventional style and extraordinary expressive power make it an icon. absolute of casual luxury. The contrast between soft colors and pastel shades, embellished with harmoniously matched finishes and details, makes each Philippe Model model a unique object, perfect for adding a touch of excess to an elegantly simple look.



To celebrate spring and femininity, in their elegance so simple when unsurpassed, Philippe Model launches the new Monochrome capsule, an essential sneakers that revolves around the concept of purity. The base, a classic 90s high fashion, is a perfect compromise between style and comfort, thanks to the oversized sole in expanded eva. The refined lines and refined materials make it an instant-classic with a modern style and immune to trends, where the simplicity of the design is contrasted by the luxury that emerges in the details, materials and craftsmanship of the workmanship. The excellence of Italian craftsmanship meets the Parisian heritage of the brand in the lines and colors, the result of meticulous research and perfectly adapted to the seasonal theme, discover the selection of iconic sneakers for Men and Women by Philippe Model Paris and renew your look from the comfort of your home in our exclusive online boutique.