Premiata – Perfect mix between Urban and Design

In recent years Premiata has been establishing itself as one of the most experimental and creative brands in the sector, its modern, eclectic and street imaginary look has conquered the Italian and international public and its particular history has immediately made it a brand of reference in the urban sneakers sector.

The Origins of Premiata

The history of Premiata begins in 1885 with the foundation of a family-run shoe factory in the Marche, a district that represents a historical identity reality of Made in Italy and in particular of the footwear manufacturing sector. This detail may seem insignificant but fully identifies the brand within an ancient artisan tradition.
In 1981, Graziano Mazza joined the family business who, instead of concentrating on maintaining business processes that had worked for more than a century, immediately concentrated on overcoming barriers to development by focusing on a greater degree of industrialization, while making sure to maintain intact artisan know-how.

A new freedom was also achieved from a creative point of view, with design choices focused on distancing the brand from the artisan-manufacturing sector and bringing it closer and closer to the fashion segment. From all these daring choices, the Premiata brand was born in 1991, a brand that bases its style on the mixture of street image and elegance, originality and classic processing techniques, to offer a product of modern and, above all, quality design.


Modern design and stylistic avant-garde

Premiata’s stylistic choices have always been oriented towards novelty and surprise.
Since the beginning, for example, the brand has proposed shoes with a sophisticated upper but with a rubber sole, that is the ancestors of those “urban sneakers” which are still today one of the dominant themes of the fashion market. There was also a series of experimental collaborations, including the one with Carol Christian Poell in which the defects of the male foot in the shoe were reproduced, thus distorting the classic canons used up to that moment.
At the end of the first decade of 2000, Graziano Mazza instead decided to develop models strongly inspired by the retro-running sneakers of the 70s, interpreted in a modern key with the use of fine fabrics created for use in the clothing sector with new cuts and unprecedented proportions. This has also greatly contributed to changing the very concept of sneakers, giving a more sophisticated image, an ever stronger identity and clearing it of the exclusive value of a sports shoe that is now settled in the collective imagination.

Reposi and the Premiata selection

The strength of the Reposi boutique is undoubtedly in the continuous selection of shoes and accessories made with high quality materials and with original stylistic choices, footwear that are defined by their quality rather than by their brand. Premiata’s SS20 Collection is no exception. We have models that can meet any need, from the simplest and most classic Lucy, with soft lines and soft colors perfect for summer to the more eclectic Eric that have a more extroverted design and color combinations that highlight their originality.