The bag is the faithful companion of any woman, the trusted friend who accompanies you in all the important steps of life. On special occasions as well as in the most casual evenings, at work or in your free time. There are an infinite number of them, each designed and created to satisfy a specific need , or to best suit a particular occasion or social context. Considered the feminine accessory par excellence, the bag is at the same time part of the outfit and an element in its own right. Capable of accentuating the elegance of a dress with simplicity but also of being the protagonist and stylistic dictates of the chosen look. Whether it is a minute and refined clutch , capable of embellishing a look evening for a special occasion, whether it’s a comfortable and spacious shopper bag able to contain everything you need for a busy day, the bag will always be an essential accessory in the life of any woman. Reposi Boutique has carefully chosen an exclusive selection of bags from the most elegant fashion brands , able to combine the latest catwalk trends with the quality of materials and craftsmanship, for a versatile, durable accessory and obviously beautiful.