Shopping Bag

Shopping bags are the perfect accessory for the modern and enterprising woman, who cannot do without a bag capable of containing everything you need for a busy day. The name and shape refer to the typical envelope bags used in shopping, but it is useless to specify that the only detail they have in common is the incredible practicality. Although designed to contain many objects and facilitate access, the shopping bag can be an elegant and distinct accessory, suitable for the increasingly fast and unpredictable contemporary everyday life. The format, the rectangular or square format, lends itself to geometric games of colors and textures, for a result that is always unique and never banal. The soft composition gives simplicity and elegance to a casual look, while some more rigid and minimalist models can be the touch of class in a formal look, perfect for an important day. Discover the selection of Reposi Boutique shopping bags, choose the one that best suits you and buy from the comfort of your home in our online boutique.