Original Dr. Martens: Find out how to recognize the brand’s products

Dr Martens shoes and ankle boots were born from the hands of a German doctor during the period of the Second World War inspired by the idea of ​​the English footwear company Griggs. These shoes, among the most loved and desired by young people all over the world , have over the years become the symbol of a strong and aggressive style, perfect for the decisive and enterprising modern woman, who cannot give up with a touch of class and style even in the most casual and everyday looks. Since their creation, the “Docs”, so called by enthusiasts, have gone through different historical periods and different trends, revealing themselves true style icons immune to fashion variations and style changes dictated by ‘environment.



Dr. Martens, an unrivaled success

The success of the brand, currently present all over the planet with a delocalized production (except for the exclusive Made in England line) is mainly due to the extreme quality of manufacturing. Each Dr Martens shoe is in fact very comfortable to wear, comfortable when walking and easily combined with any outfit, thanks to the classic style and simple colors. Another great strength of the brand is certainly the variety, while being elegantly simple, each shoe of the brand is enriched and characterized by a series of unique details that make each boot an inevitable protagonist of your wardrobe.

An immortal brand, with an iconic and timeless elegance, which has been able to evolve by adapting to changes in the sector and the different style and comfort needs of the modern woman, creating collections that are always innovative and never banal, from classic amphibians and boots, both for man and  woman, up to more innovative proposals accompanied by the dedicated line of accessories. Depending on the type of shoe and the personal way to wear it, each Dr Martens shoe is able to enhance any look , even the most diverse. The classic black boot combined with a skirt or a pair of leggings for a casual and modern style, combined with a classic suit for more professional occasions or more street and aggressive models, such as the famous studded amphibian, cleverly combined with a pair of ripped jeans.

Leaving aside the ease with which they can be combined with various outfits, the true value of Dr Martens footwear lies in the possibility of wearing an authentic accessory and guaranteed by qualitatively inimitable production characteristics . Each shoe is, thanks to the thick upper and the rigid rubber sole, indestructible and very comfortable to wear, the leather processing is treated in every detail to make the material soft and comfortable, but at the same time solid and resistant.


The other side of the coin, counterfeits and imitations


  • First of all, it is important to specify that each model has unique and particular characteristics. Before concluding a purchase, it is therefore advisable to visit the site www.drmartens.com and find out about the model concerned, comparing the details on the site with those of the product you want to buy, in this way the originality of the product will be 100% guaranteed .
  • The Sole is the first very important distinctive element of every Dr Martens, created with a unique patent, it is cushioned by an integrated air cushion, in order to facilitate a less rigid and more comfortable walk . The minimum height is 15 mm (a thickness that can be easily measured even with the naked eye) and bears a series of recognizable engravings, including the written in relief “ Dr Martens Air Cuscion Sole “and the classic cross symbol with the words” Oil Fat Acid Petrol Alkali “.
  • The “ Made in Engald Originals ” models, belonging to a special line with localized production, must be engraved in italics, so as to guarantee their exclusive origin.
  • The second element that unites almost all the models of the brand (apart from a few exceptions) is the traditional yellow stitching that holds the sole and upper together. This traditional yet particular detail is also considered one of the most distinctive aesthetic elements of the brand , providing a touch of liveliness and recognition to each shoe.
  • A third and very important distinctive element to help us understand if we are dealing with an original brand shoe, or a vulgar imitation is the branded webbing Air Wair . This detail, positioned on the upper part of the back of the upper, is in fact present on every amphibian of the line .
  • Obviously there are a series of particular and specific characteristics for each model, not necessarily shared among all the shoes of the brand. The best advice therefore remains to investigate the shoe concerned on the site when you are about to complete the purchase.



The most popular models: Our selection

Considering the amount of counterfeits and fakes, it is always important to buy Dr Martens footwear only from trusted boutiques and authorized retailers of the brand, in order to ensure an original product, appreciated all over the world for its iconic aesthetics and inimitable quality choice of materials and processing.

Anfibio 1460 BEX SMOOTH BLACK : One of the most appreciated and recognized by the brand, proposed in its classic glossy black color, an iconic shoe that will perfectly match your every outfit, enriching the figure and allowing prolonged use thanks to the extreme comfort of the model.

Boot 1899 Virginia Nero : A mid-leg leather boot comfortable and resistant, perfect for the coldest periods thanks to the excellent workmanship and the high closure that keeps the foot isolated and protected from low temperatures.

White sandal : Comfortable banded sandal perfect for the summer, presents a light wedge in 100% vegan Goodyear rubber and a shaped footbed. The ankle closure has a leather cover to promote comfort in contact with the skin.

At Reposi Calzature, you can find these and many other models in a wide selection of Dr. Martens footwear: amphibians, sandals and lace-up shoes suitable for every look and season. Choose your favorite and shop from the comfort of your home in our exclusive online boutique.