Original UGG Ankle Boots – How To Recognize Counterfeit Products

The women’s UGG ankle boots have now become a product that has become an icon of street- fashion urban, as well as being declined in various types, shapes and colors to constantly offer a shoe revisited according to the latest trends of the moment. Due to its global success and the widespread use of these boots, it is not uncommon to come across counterfeit or roughly replicated products to get around the prices offered by the parent company. UGG ankle boots have known almost worldwide fame due to their unique design combined with practicality and comfort for everyday life. These salient features have done nothing but help attract the attention of counterfeiters. The original UGGs, in fact, produced in precious and exclusive sheepskin, are lately processed and composed thanks to the Made in Italy manufacturing, which has always been a guarantee of quality in the world of clothing and footwear. So how to understand if the product we are buying is really authentic and certified or if the reseller on duty is trying to sell a lower quality product by passing it off as guaranteed by the parent company?

UGG boots – How to recognize a counterfeit product?

UGG ankle boots are not available from retailers other than the official website of the brand, UGG shops and corner stores, rather than authorized retailers who have direct contact with the company, be they outlets or online stores such as Reposi Calzature . This is the first alarm bell to let us know if we are actually dealing with a pair of real or counterfeit UGGs. In fact, it is good practice to be wary of temporary stalls or retailers offering collections of dubious origin, or retailers from which it is not possible to accurately understand the reliability and authenticity of the offer due to missing data relating to the company. To dispel any doubts, you can check the list of authorized dealers and official UGG Australia stores directly on the brand’s website.

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Original UGG – Pay attention to the price

The original and authentic UGGs are made with advanced methods, premium quality sheepskin and a unique and unmistakable design. These characteristics make the boots of the UGG collection a medium-high fashion product with affordable but not bargain prices. For this reason, it is good practice to immediately be wary of those retailers who offer footwear at a far too low price and out of the market. Suffice it to say that the sole use of sheepskin as the first material, combined with careful research in the design and production phase, make it mathematically impossible to trade a pair of UGG ankle boots at a price below 100 euros. Another technique to recognize the goodness of the product and its authenticity is to observe the height of the shoe. Counterfeit products often show lower soles or less stiff seams which affect the final shape of the shoe. Although UGG boots are produced in two sizes ( one short and one taller ) it can be difficult to check the originality of the product without having a pair of original UGGs that allow you to make a comparison. In any case, a careful eye and an excessively low selling price may be enough to set off an alarm bell.

Authentic UGG Ankle Boots – Labels and Logo

After the Fall / Winter 2013 collection, UGG ran for cover by proposing a safety label that guarantees the quality and originality of the product. In fact, inside the left boot it is possible to find a label with the printing of a QR Code : by scanning it with your smartphone you will be redirected to the company website which will provide a certificate of authenticity of the product. The internal label also has a holographic strip that changes hue when handling the shoe from right to left. Finally, the UGG logo affixed to the heel is one of the very first indicators of the boot’s authenticity.
We must always be wary of logos whose characters have an excessively large print, very wide labels, and above all sewn in an asymmetrical way. All these signs suggest that you are ahead of a non-original and therefore counterfeit shoe.

UGG Boots – Quality and design for a unique product

UGG boots are produced with the best sheepskin specially selected so one way to recognize at first glance an original product from a counterfeit is to touch the product with your hand. The use of exclusive sheepskin worked with a unique and precise manufacturing leaves an unmistakable sensation of softness and resistance to the touch. Counterfeit UGGs often use lower quality and cheap materials, such as skin patches of faux leather, leather, suede or even cloth and synthetic fibers. It is also possible to recognize by touch whether foam rubber has been added between the lining and the external leather, a remedy used by counterfeiters to make the boots softer and softer by masking the use of second-hand materials. In counterfeit models of the lowest quality it may also happen that the lining ties on the foot or that the synthetic fur tends to flake off; clear signs of low quality construction and manufacturing. To guarantee the high quality, UGG uses the best sheepskin overturned, which represents a unique indicator to certify the uniqueness of a product designed to give maximum comfort during the winter and the coldest periods. The comfort of UGG ankle boots is guaranteed by a constant and unique search for new leather processing methods together with the use of precious and high quality materials. These two characteristics are the salient features of the company and of the production that have allowed UGG footwear to be recognized all over the world.

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Here are the reasons why it is necessary not to be dazzled by too inviting offers with the risk of buying a flawed product of dubious quality. Discover the Collection of Women’s Ankle Boots by Reposi Calzature and buy your favorite in total comfort on the official website of the Boutique!