Philippe Model Paris – the excellence of know-how

Philippe Model Paris shoes are elegant, innovative and full of colors. In fact, the brand represents a modern and dynamic lifestyle. Above all, the brand’s sneakers are ideal for any look, from the informal one for a dinner out with friends to an important business appointment. So think for both men and women.

The theme of the spring / summer 2020 collection rests its foundations in the tradition of artisan quality and transports us to a painting enriched by pastel colors that give joy and lightheartedness.


Le Blason, the stylized emblem of Paris on the side of the shoe, represents a reminder of the magical place from which everything came to life.

The brand was born thanks to the creativity of Philippe Model, who in 1978 launched the brand at the age of 22 and began collaborating with large French companies, including Jean-Paul Gaultier.
Thanks to the careful passion and determination of Philippe Model, the creations of the models that represent a perfect combination of know-how and creativity, mean that in 1981 the designer was awarded as one of the best French craftsmen of those times.

The notoriety and consecration of the brand comes in the early 1980s with the Elastique shoe which becomes an iconic symbol of the modern woman, anticipating the concept of comfort, thus in turn pushing the subsequent birth of future sneakers.

The growth of the brand continues with the birth of the first boutique and then it is recognized all over the world.

To date, the brand is also supported by other hands such as Paolo Gambato, creative director and partner and Alessandro Benetton who has acquired a majority stake of 70% of the brand.

Although something has changed within the company, the collections have always and always maintained the importance of craftsmanship.

The style of each shoe, especially sneakers, maintains the originality of the brand; in addition, the openness to experimentation and creativity, from which a real style arises, has meant that the creations of this brand have become indispensable fashion accessories for everyone


A look at the artisan workshop: the encounter with the material and the perfect mix of tradition and innovation give life to the new line of Philippe Model shoes

Each product in the collection is created manually in all its phases: from the production of washing, to the cutting and processing of the leathers, to the manual assembly of the sole up to the brushing of the uppers.

In fact, the models are not all the same, some shoes may have slight differences from the others, although they are the same model, this does not mean that they are defective, rather they are the sign of the craftsman’s manual work.

It is precisely for this reason that Philippe Model is considered an original and inimitable brand.

The new spring / summer 2020 collection is nothing more than a representation of the models already present in the Philippe Model Paris gallery.

We can in fact meet the Tropez X model which differs from its sinuous and high sole and then move on to the Paris X model which contains the concept of lived as a synonym of craftsmanship, therefore used by a bandage of the sole, patented by the brand itself and with the annex of an inscription on the side of the shoes: PM78 which indicates the year in which the designer launched his brand.

The new arrivals are characterized by soft colors, but at the same time bright, we can find the classic pastel colors that now surround and enrich the beautiful seasons, but we can also come across strong colors such as gold, a symbol of elegance and refinement.


Reposi‘s ability and gift lies in selecting models and brands that are indispensable for any look. In fact, inside the boutique you can find a variety and breadth of models capable of responding to every need.

The spring / summer 2020 collections found inside the shop represent the true essence of the season. Soft colors, soft lines in tune with any look, both for him and for her. Brands capable of enhancing every garment. From heels for summer looks to sneakers for simpler outfits in town. Reposi expresses quality and refinement.