Via Roma 15 – Leather boots: The vintage elegance of Made in Italy craftsmanship

Via Roma 15 is an Italian artisan footwear brand, created by Silvano Volpato in Padua in 1979. In a historic manufacturing district such as the Veneto one, the passion for aesthetics and the will necessary for the creation of a product of the highest quality are characteristics indispensable, and this is one of the main reasons for the brand’s international success.

Brand values

In fact, over the years, through the inclusion of relevant family figures and very valid external collaborators, the brand has managed to successfully transform itself from a small family-run business to become an internationally recognized and appreciated brand.

The focus remains, as always, the passion for beauty, which together with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality of materials are the characteristics that have always distinguished the brand since its inception and have guided its success over the years. Each product is in fact made by hand as in the past, adding the necessary help of the latest technologies in the field of leather goods, which allow to adapt the historical manufacturing know-how to the frenzy of modern production rhythms.


Shoe models: guide to the types of footwear

Considering the manufacturing background, the artisans of Via Roma 15 over the years have tried their hand at making all kinds of footwear, from boots to slip ons up to ankle boots and amphibians; however, the Paduan brand is mainly known for its models of leather boots.

Created using only the highest quality leathers and embellished with details specifically designed for each model, the Via Roma 15 boots have always been a guarantee of elegance and quality for youngsters and adults who are attentive to fashions and the latest trends.

In this we can find a further distinctive character of the brand, aware of its identity and its value, Via Roma 15 aims to establish trends rather than follow suit, embodying the concept of personal fashion. A Made in Italy that does not follow fashion, but creates it, is the pride of this company, which with perseverance and transport has always aimed at satisfying the needs of its customers by offering them inimitable shoes.


Our selection of Via Roma boots and ankle boots

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