Hogan: the Italian brand of excellence

Hogan is history. Iconic sneakers designed with soft and sensual lines capable of attracting the attention of both men and women and Reposi knows this well.

Nature is the undisputed star of Hogan’s new spring / summer 2020 collection, a line of fashionable products that confronts the urban city and becomes a perfect outline for everyday outfits.

Hogan and its history: a strictly Made in Italy brand

Italian footwear recognized all over the world.
was born from Diego Della Valle who also founded another historic brand: Tod’s.
In 1997 the most recognized line of the brand was born: The Interactive.
Essential and iconic sneakers of the brand, the line makes its way into urban life, distinct in the composition, the artisans in fact were able to search for top quality materials and leathers, mixing them with bright and trendy colors.

However, the Hogan are not only recognized for the Interactive, but indeed over the years they have been able to create unique models such as: the Olympia a more elegant and sensual line or the Attrattive a model dedicated only to the female world. Hogan shoes can be defined as an avant-garde brand, always ready to reinvent itself, creating models capable of involving both female and male audiences.


The new spring / summer 2020 collection

Hogan is an avant-garde brand, every year it amazes with trendy lines and colors ready to upset any look. The 2019 spring / summer collection had given the opportunity to each customer to customize their shoe with the concept of “made-you”, an original idea that has turned out to be ingenious and unique over time.

La nuova collezione 2020 ci trasporta in un mondo in cui la natura è protagonista indiscussa della linea. Hogan presenta modelli come : Maxi I Active, Active One, Hogan Interaction, capaci di rivoluzionare il tuo guardaroba. Materiali come il stone-washed ed i colori vivaci fanno il contorno della collezione primavera/estate 2020.Oltre alle classiche SneakersHogan propone altri modelli essenziali per la stagione come : Sandali, Zeppe e slides.

Reposi: stylish and fashionable footwear

Reposi is a shop that expresses security, always ready to go in search of customers and products with top quality materials, attentive to small details and above all to Italian labor.
Fashion follows its course and Reposi with it selects products for men and women suitable for any occasion. In the world of Reposi footwear you can find brands such as: Halmanera with its essential boots to face the winter season or not, the irresistible dècolletè by Sergio Levantesi, the 3030 Henderson Baracco lace-up shoes to face the formal looks for work and many other surprises.