Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens were initially created for the British army or for miners and then became iconic in the world of fashion. They became incredibly popular in the 1960s thanks to the youth subcultures who often used jeans and combat boots in their everyday looks. The street look and the incredible robustness of the shoes made Dr. Martens, in a very short time, the king of amphibians. Durable, versatile and fashionable shoe, perfect to give a decisive touch to a casual look, the brand’s leather ankle boots are now a desired and recognized accessory all over the world. Dr. Martens are now a historic brand, worn and loved by men and women of all ages. Amphibians who have participated in a succession of events and styles of youth culture: from punks to skinheads. Ankle boots also supported by collaborations with important brands such as: Jeans-Paul Gultier, Vivienne Westood, Jimmy Choo and many others. The shoes of the brand are distinguished by the yellow stitching and the symbol of punk culture. Shoes that are and will always be a must-have par excellence. Discover the selection of exclusive leather ankle boots for men and women, choose the perfect model for you and shop from the comfort of your home in our exclusive online boutique.