New Rock

New Rock is a Spanish brand specializing in leather goods. Its inspired production ranges from footwear to clothing, up to motorcycle helmets and biker leather jackets. The very high quality of the materials and workmanship blends with the rock aesthetic of the brand, taking inspiration from the style and elements that make up the most iconic models of the brand. The production of footwear, accessories and clothing still takes place today in a localized and semi-artisanal way, finishing each piece by hand to obtain an incomparable result in terms of quality and style. The New Rock collections have now come to satisfy a very diverse audience, from the more mainstream one with its classic leather ankle boots to more particular niches in terms of needs and style. The safety guaranteed by the first quality materials and the craftsmanship of the footwear, ensure a durable and resistant product over time, with an absolutely unique design. Discover the selection, choose the perfect model for you and buy from the comfort of your home in our exclusive online boutique.

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