Ash is a modern brand founded in 2000 by an Italian, Leonello Calvani, and a Frenchman, Patrick Ithier. The Brand enjoys the good fortune of being one of a kind , in fact on the one hand it possesses the quality of Made in Italy while on the other the French creativity. After years of success, Ash sports shoes have now reached the windows of the most prestigious boutiques in the world. Thanks to their lightness and always fashionable design, they will be the perfect complement to any of your outfits. Italian labor, an absolute guarantee of quality, joins the French taste for design, composing an essential accessory, which combines the tradition of processing methods with the futuristic look and original details of the footwear. Ash shoes are therefore characterized by being contemporary trend products, using materials such as: studs, technical fabrics and / or details that increasingly emphasize the imprint of the two creative minds. Sneakers are addressed and created for both men and women , thanks also to the use of bright colors, ranging from classic black for a more formal look for men to slightly brighter colors, like pink for women. Discover the selection of comfortable sneakers, elegant ankle boots or lively sandals synonymous with elegance and practicality, choose the perfect model for you and revolutionize your look on Reposi Boutique