Paolo Ferrara

Paolo Ferrara is a family-run Made in Italy handmade footwear brand. Now in its fourth generation, the brand has become famous thanks to the production of the characteristic Capri Sandals, light and elegant footwear perfect for the summer. The breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi coast is recalled by the shapes and colors of these comfortable sandals, for a sober elegance in contact with the natural landscapes of the Campania beaches. From the most classic creations, to the most current and original proposals, with stiletto heels or using unusual materials such as wood and aluminum composites, each Paolo Ferrara shoe will stand out from the crowd with its exclusive and unconventional elegance. The attention paid to even the smallest of details and the choice of top quality materials come together under the expert hand of craftsmanship with decades of tradition behind it. Discover the selection of Paolo Ferrara shoes, choose your favorite model and buy from the comfort of your home in our exclusive online boutique.