Paloma Barcelo

In a small town in Spain, precisely in Elche, a brand is born that today is famous all over the world: Paloma Barcelò. The family business founded in 1960 by Manuel Barcelò is based on the revival of iconic and local models, such as the classic espadrilles. The use of original materials and new and experimental processes makes each shoe an absolute novelty. A brand that despite its notoriety has always put the importance of manpower, lines and intertwined structures that combine modernity and tradition first. The quality of the raw materials is in fact always in first place in the definition of brand value. Paloma Barcelò is known for creating unique models of espadrilles and wedges. Each product created is characterized by hand stitching aimed at perfection and the search for top quality materials. The brand is able to guarantee a very high quality level, thanks to a complex selection of raw materials and suppliers in fact, each shoe is a combination of quality and unparalleled elegance. Paloma Barcelò’s shoes are aimed at women who love fashion and who want to stand out by choosing a quality product capable of enriching and giving the difference to their looks. Quality and elegance are the best protagonists of the brand and that best describe the products created.