Palladium has always meant adventure and freedom. Its history goes back a long way, in the 1920s, in fact, Palladium “dressed” only airplanes and produced their tires, accompanying a generation that set out on an adventure to discover the world. Subsequently, the brand became famous thanks to the production of boots for the legendary Foreign Legion. The brand, enjoying the excellent reputation as a manufacturer of indestructible and very comfortable footwear, enjoyed success in the years to come thanks also to this opportunity. Palladium ankle boots, now considered the shoe designed for adventure, have a composition designed specifically to make the shoe resistant and light, waterproof to wind and atmospheric agents. The practicality of these ankle boots is second to none, and maintains a rough and fascinating aesthetic that continues after decades to conquer men and women all over the world. Discover the selection of Palladium ankle boots for him and for her, choose the perfect model for you and renew your wardrobe from the comfort of your home by purchasing in our exclusive online boutique.

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